The existing HVAC and AHU in the market cannot remove the CO2
Welltech's CO2 scrubbing system (CSS series) is a solution for HVAC and AHU unit to tackle the CO2 problem. The CO2 scrubbing system comes with CO2 regenerative catalyst to remove the CO2.  The CO2 catalyst life is more than 10 years.  With other filter, it can also remove TVOC, HOCO, Benenze, NOx, Ozone, PM2.5 etc.
Working Principle
  • Filtering

    Air passing the scrubber, CO2 will be captured by the CO2 catalyst

  • Regeneration

    During regeneration, high concentrate CO2 will be purged out

  • When air passing the scrubber, CO2 will be captured. 

    To install it in front of the AHU,  CO2 is captured and fresh air intake can be stopped or reduced.

    Filtering | The CO2 catalyst mainly capture CO2. Other filter can capture TVOC, HCHO, PM2.5, Benezne, NOx, Ozone, etc
    Regeneration at night time | CO2 and contaminants will be purged out by heating
    Regeneration at day time | CO2 and contaminants will be purged out by heating

    Control Display: 7" or 10" LCD touch screen display

    The filtering and regeneration process is operated automatically. 

    With data storage for iaq analysis 

    Controller Siemen PLC & LCD touch screen display
    Filtering Manual mode
    Time mode
    CO2 mode
    Regeneration Manual mode
    Time mode
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