This CO2 scrubbering system is designed to integrate with the AHU or HVAC system. 

Working Principle
Normal AHU Operation (without CO2 scrubber)

Normal AHU system, the return air and fresh air will pass to the AHU units and then supply back to the building.

Problem: Increase the fresh air intake will increase the loading of AHU 

Problem: The CO2 outlet from AHU is stilll high

AHU + CO2 Scrubbing

To integrate our  CO2 scrubbering system in front of the AHU, it will absorb the CO2 before passing into the AHU.  As the CO2 level drops, fresh air intake by AHU can be reduced or stopped.   And as a result, energy can be saved.   Below is the CO2 absorbing ability of the scrubber.

About 60% of the energy and cost can be saved.     

Fig.  Standard size of model: CSS-2500HV ,  1100×900×2200mm(HxWxL)

Noted: Custom size is available

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